Relationship Detox




Do you have the relationship you want?

Do you feel like your current relationship could use a tune up? 
Do you keep dating the same kind of person over and over hoping for a different outcome?
Have you struggled with hoping for a fairy tale that always seems to end in disappointment?
Do you feel like you are always chasing and the love you want eludes you?
Do you feel like you need to change yourself or look different because somehow you are never “enough” or always “too much”?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, here is the good news. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken. You just may need a Relationship DETOX!  

If you have ever done a food detox or elimination diet, you know how good it feels to get your body back to it's natural state.  Toxins and waste build up in our bodies and we flush them out and we feel amazing.  Doing a relationship cleanse is similar.  Over time we build up resentments, patterns, and fears that effect our ability to connect with people and have the relationships we want.

In this course we aim to move away from the kind of relationship advice that gives you “tips and tricks” of how to “Find” and “Keep” “the One”. We will give you the tools to look at previous or current relationships and so you can identify what patterns are there, find gratitude for the lessons they provide and shift into a mindset that allows us to see them in real time going forward.

The course consists of:
- 5 group calls that will guide you through the experience of uncovering yourself in relationship
- Video content and instruction
-  Workbook exercises
- Access to our online Slack community and private group course thread

We will work specifically on:

  • Looking at past relationships to see common threads in the people we have chosen and what the lessons those relationships offered
  • Reframing our experiences to find gratitude, love and peace so we can release patterns
  • Learning how to have an ongoing mindset that will make every relationship your teacher
  • Learning how to shift ourselves so we can be the person we want to be in our relationship