The Efficiency Of Having an Open Heart

For those of you who don't know me personally, I'm kind of an intense workaholic. I could work from early morning until late at night without giving myself much pleasure or fun or just something for "me".  I have not historically been so good at the Self Care/ Self Love thing. I have a hard time telling my inner drill sergeant to shut the f*ck up. 

So I have this new meditation in the morning. I go to the pool early (hey it's already 105 by 9am here in Phoenix! 😝) and read a book while in the pool. No phone. No work. Just me and the sun and some water.  My teammates now force me to go because I am so grounded and open when I give myself this time and I come back nourished.


I have been reading this book called The Untethered Soul (highly recommend). I am at the part where he talks about the choice to live with an Open Heart, and how when we live with an Open Heart we have limitless energy because we allow ourselves to be connected to Source. When we close our hearts we lose that connection. That is when we feel exhausted. That is when we fall into depression. 

I have had some major heart openings this year and while I know it's so important and I love the feeling of living open, I also experience the grief that comes with opening a previously closed heart.  
We don't open our hearts because it hurts.
The unfelt pain that we shut our hearts to rises and we are forced to sit in that pain until it clears.

My Drill Sergeant and my grieving heart don't get along so well.
It's "inconvenient" and "unproductive" it says. But it's totally wrong.
When I have "feelings", if I make them inconvenient and I close my heart in order to be productive, then I'm cutting myself off from the kind of energy that makes my work effortless.

Such a mind f*ck right? Having feelings and keeping your heart open is more efficient over time. Who knew!

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