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We are dedicated to helping people transform their lives to reflect their full potential and purpose here on this planet.  We are "wake up" coaches. What that means is that we coach to remove the things that block you from achieving your deepest desires, or having intimacy and connection at the deepest level.  Those things include your ego, personality and identity.  Sounds scary! Well, it can be. What's scary is how much of our lives we spend being someone that someone else told us to be, or pursuing dreams that aren't ours.  What's more scary? Continuing to live that way.

We are Path Walkers.  We aren't Gurus or Enlightened Beings.  We are people who are deeply dedicated to our own wake up and live that way.  We live with life as a practice and a meditation.  We do the work and have been walked by others.  That is how we coach and teach.  

Our style isn't meant to be "nice" or "make you feel better".  We coach for the truth, for the deeper thing that your soul wants.  We say the things that people are afraid to say but you are dying for them to.  We won't buy your resistance or the stories that keep you small.  We play for your greatness, your deepest truth. 

  Our method is one of Alchemy.  

  1. We look at what is there in a neutral and factual manner.
  2. We deconstruct it. We examine every underlying belief and fear. We get underneath to find what is driving your life.
  3. We work with you to rebuild your foundation, provide tools and work on a roadmap to living a life that is authentically YOU.

This kind of coaching is not for everyone.  We require a high level of willingness before any other currency. 

Work With Us 

Our clients are seekers. They are people who want true freedom more than anything else.  They don't accept things as they are. They question life, the world, and the "should's" of society.  They are willing to do the work for personal transformation.

You have a level of awareness that you want more out of life. You have something inside you that wants to come out.  You may have no idea what you truly want because reaching your goals has been ungratifying. You have patterns of behavior that you can see and you know that they no longer serve you.  You want tools and reflection to help take your awakening to the next level.  

Force will get you far, but not the whole way.
True power is surrendering to go in the direction the wind fills your sails.
— Perri Blake Gorman

Bespoke Personal Coaching

 Please fill out our INTAKE FORM and we will contact you about next steps.  


We LOVE group coaching. There is an opportunity to see things that can be truly transformative while witnessing the coaching of others. This is a great option for those looking for connection with others and at a group price point.


Current Open course - Presence (closes April 23)


Perri Chase